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Centro de Instrumentos, Accesorios, Publicaciones y Especialidades Náuticas

Horario: De Lunes a viernes de 09:30 a 14:00 h y de 16:30 a 19:30 h

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17,00 Eur   IVA incluido
Referencia EA0195
A handy splashproof guide to the navigator’s art for yacht and motorboat owners
This book tells the navigator how to find out where they are and how to proceed to their destination. Seamanship and navigation are the cornerstones of yacht sailing. This book will cover all the essentials in a small, companion format for easy, onboard use.

Depth of water
Latitude and longitude
Dead reckoning
Tides, passages and pilotage

Edición Inglesa 2007
24 páginas
Encuadernación: Rústica
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