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RYA Introduction To Motorboat Handling DVD - Idiomas: Inglés.   Sistema: PAL
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Referencia EK0028
To really enjoy the time you spend on the water motorboating, requires that you have good boat handling skills. Without good boat handling skills ""take offs and landings"" will be difficult and stressful. Yet, acquiring good boat handling skills is relatively easy, if you are fortunate to be shown how to do things the right way - by an expert. In Introduction to Motorboat Handling, motorboat ""guru"" Jon Mendez takes you out on the water and through all you need to know to become a safe and confident motorboat skipper. Amazing 3-D graphics will help you to understand how a motorboat monoeuvres and why. An absolute essential for anyone new to the exhilarating sport of motorboating or taking a RYA Day Skipper course.
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