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Guide to Food Transport: Fish, Meat, and Dairy Products provides suggestions and background information for avoiding such improper and careless handling situations of fish, meat, and dairy products during manufacture, storage and transportation and the pursuing cargo loss claims.

As such, it is invaluable to the people in all branches of the perishable food transportation industry!

General Information About Foods:
Chilling Injury
Controlled Atmosphere
Relative Humidity
Temperature Monitoring and Temperature Measurement

Transport Conditions:
General Information on Transport
Mechanical Refrigeration
ISO Intermodal Containers
Primary Distribution Vehicles (Trailers)
Other Types of Refrigeration Systems
Other Types of Transport Equipment
Code of Good Transporting Practices

Practical Storage Life (PSL) of Foods:
Quality Influencing Processes
TTT-PPP Concept
Deep Frozen Foods
Frozen Foods
Chilled Foods

Liability and Insurance:
Liability for Carriage of Goods
Instructions for the Carrier

Definitions and Explanations

Edición inglesa 1990
157 páginas
Encuadernación: Tapa dura
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